"Desperation Highway"

 This one started off with me playing around with a minor chord and then the rest all just fell together. For this one I wrote the music structure first and then I came up with the lyrics. It had that droning lost highway feel, so the music and lyrics fit well.

  This song I'm sure is relatable to all of us guys at some point in time (maybe many times). It's all about a guy who has done or said something wrong, because it's obvious that his girlfriend, fiancee or wife is mad at him. He's kinda lost driving on this empty highway in his mind, desperately trying to figure out what he did and how he can make things right. It's funny how body language and silence can make you re-evaluate all your previous actions to gain an understanding of what set this in motion. It's not a fun highway to be stuck on and you don't want to make things worse by guessing what you did and getting it wrong. So as a guy we just keep driving down this dark and empty highway going over everything in our mind. Trying desperately to figure out what got us in this position so we can try to fix it and get off this lonely highway. Desperation Highway…..

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