"Shed a Tear"

  This one is the most personal track on the EP. I wrote this one with my Good buddy and friend Tony Musallam in 1988 when this event really happened to me. My Dad has been asking me to re-record this one for a long long time and I tought it would be a great surprise for him to do that. I showed it to Michael Rosen the producer and just wanted this stripped down emotional track to pay tribute to my best friend. We reworked the chords behind the chorus and it just all came together. I do have to say that Philip Brezena's Fiddle on this was just amazing.

  This song is about my best friend growing up, who's life came to a tragic end, way to early. We would hang out every day and were just as close as brothers would be. We kept each other grounded through the years through all of our personal issues. He moved away in High School but we still kept in close touch. But when more trouble in his life came up I couldn't be there to help support him since he was so far away. When I found out about his tragic end it was after the funeral and I had no way to say my goodbyes. This crushed me to the core and so I did what comes naturally to me. Write a song to help convey my feelings. Although this song is more personal, it's also for all the people in everybody's lives that have gone too soon. I 'Shed a Tear, for the ones who died too soon" ….

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