"Every Dog"

 I had been working on this song for a while. I wrote the lyrics back in the 90's and have been refining them over the years. I finally came up with a country/blues riff that worked with the lyrics and then it all came together.

  This song is about a person being kept down, pushed around and taken advantage of all his life. It's a rallying song about standing up to all that has wronged him and letting them know it's now his time and he's a coming. A working class stiff, growing up lower middle class and busting his tail everyday for everything he has ever gotten. He fought hard for every job, possession and relationship he has ever had. He is fed up with always either getting passed over for jobs, dumped in relationships and taken advantage of by friends.  He finally can't take it anymore and is not going to let it keep happening. You can't keep a dog caged all the time, it's his time to play! Every Dog….. :o3

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