"Shed a Tear" 

  This one is the most personal track on the EP. I wrote this one with my Good buddy and friend Tony Musallam in 1988 when this event really happened to me. My Dad has been asking me to re-record this one for a long long time and I tought it would be a great surprise for him to do that. I showed it to Michael Rosen the producer and just wanted this stripped down emotional track to pay tribute to my best friend. We reworked the chords behind the chorus and it just all came together. I do have to say that…

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"Tear Down the Walls" 

  This one came together fast, I was playing around with some chords and strumming patterns. Before I knew it I had a song. It use to have a longer bridge, but it took away from the rest of the song.

   This song is about people who are too afraid to give their heart to another. They have been burned by others in the past and now they have a wall up to protect them from it happening again. This song is meant to let them know that it's bound to happen and don't try to block it from happening again. It will…

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   Ah, Curves! I think this song is the most miss interpreted track on the EP. Most people think it's how I'm totally into curvy women, that's true to point. I got the idea for this song by watching a bit of the Top Model show on television. The girls all looked sick, were super skinny and they called themselves fat. I wanted to take them out for a big burger, fries and a shake. This reality show is not how women are in the real world or should be. Is this really what we are teaching all the young girls…

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"Desperation Highway" 

 This one started off with me playing around with a minor chord and then the rest all just fell together. For this one I wrote the music structure first and then I came up with the lyrics. It had that droning lost highway feel, so the music and lyrics fit well.

  This song I'm sure is relatable to all of us guys at some point in time (maybe many times). It's all about a guy who has done or said something wrong, because it's obvious that his girlfriend, fiancee or wife is mad at him. He's kinda lost driving…

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"Every Dog" 

 I had been working on this song for a while. I wrote the lyrics back in the 90's and have been refining them over the years. I finally came up with a country/blues riff that worked with the lyrics and then it all came together.

  This song is about a person being kept down, pushed around and taken advantage of all his life. It's a rallying song about standing up to all that has wronged him and letting them know it's now his time and he's a coming. A working class stiff, growing up lower middle class and…

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  Let me tell you how "Wild Angel" came about. This song was going to be on my first CD "Parcae", but there was a need to quickly finish the first CD so I could have the surgery immediately. There was a urgency from my doctors to get this taken care of ASAP. I wasn't sure I would ever have the chance to sing this one at all.

  This song is all about a boy who is in love with a girl that he sees as his Angel, sent from above. She is just an exceptional beauty with a very down home sweet quality about her…

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Behind "Long Road" 

 I know that everyone has a different understanding about what songs are about and that's how it should be. Everyone will interpret the songs message in their own way sometimes adding meanings that were not intentional by the writer. I'm going to go through each track off the new EP and let you know each songs message to me when I wrote it.

  Songs come to me in many different ways, It might be something that has happened to me or others around me, I might read about a story and expand upon it, or view a…

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