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Tear down your walls!

  We all have been hurt in relationships, but putting up walls to keep your self safe is not the answer. You have to try again and again until the right one comes along. Putting up walls only hurts you and could keep the right one away. Check out my song "Tear Down the Walls" and let love in. Getting hurt is a part of your journey and you have to have some of it to know when love is right. Everything happens for a reason, I'm living proof of that. I've been kicked by the best, but you can't let that stop you from being happy. Just remember you are the only one that can make you happy. Open your heart, you're going to get hurt but it will heal. One day love will find you and with an open heart it will be amazing.





Embrace your curves!

Love your curves and show them off!

Check out my new single "Curves" and let all curvy women unite.

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