"Tear Down the Walls"

  This one came together fast, I was playing around with some chords and strumming patterns. Before I knew it I had a song. It use to have a longer bridge, but it took away from the rest of the song.

   This song is about people who are too afraid to give their heart to another. They have been burned by others in the past and now they have a wall up to protect them from it happening again. This song is meant to let them know that it's bound to happen and don't try to block it from happening again. It will just make it worse when it does and it always happens again. It's life, it's about dealing with it positively and moving on to better things to come. We all get hurt by people that are either close to us or not close to us. Don't shut everyone out because you are afraid to get hurt again. Open up and let love in because you might miss it by closing people out. Everything happens for a reason (I know this first hand) and you just need to be positive about things you have no control over. It will turn into something amazing, so Tear Down Those Walls….. 

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