Behind "Long Road"

 I know that everyone has a different understanding about what songs are about and that's how it should be. Everyone will interpret the songs message in their own way sometimes adding meanings that were not intentional by the writer. I'm going to go through each track off the new EP and let you know each songs message to me when I wrote it.

  Songs come to me in many different ways, It might be something that has happened to me or others around me, I might read about a story and expand upon it, or view a TV show or Movie that might spark a topic. I then take that topic and visualize it as you would see a movie playing out in your mind. Not every song is my own personal experience, but I put myself closely into the topic and make it as personal as I can. Becoming as intimate with the songs as if it was my own experiences.

  For "Long Road" it was a unique journey of self understanding after battling Thyroid cancer and the possibility of loosing my voice with the surgery. I came out with a new outlook on life and how I need to take each day that I'm here as a blessing. It's funny how we all look towards the future (like there will always be a tomorrow), but when the possibility of your future being cut short falls into your lap it changes the game. After the surgery/recovery I got into a writing mode and knew  thatI wanted to make a country/rock record. I had a clear vision in what I wanted and where I wanted it to go, I just needed to find the right people to help fulfill that vision. I could not have done this without my strong family and friend support, I love and thank them all.

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