Let me tell you how "Wild Angel" came about. This song was going to be on my first CD "Parcae", but there was a need to quickly finish the first CD so I could have the surgery immediately. There was a urgency from my doctors to get this taken care of ASAP. I wasn't sure I would ever have the chance to sing this one at all.

  This song is all about a boy who is in love with a girl that he sees as his Angel, sent from above. She is just an exceptional beauty with a very down home sweet quality about her. They were dating but it's obvious to him now that his feelings were much stronger for her, than hers for him. He can see this wildness inside her that is keeping her at a distance from him and now he's basically pushed her away. He had just a taste of her affection and was completely hooked, but now has come to realize she doesn't feel the same towards him. Loved and lost, but she's still an Angel in his eyes. "Wild Angel"……. 0-)<