Ah, Curves! I think this song is the most miss interpreted track on the EP. Most people think it's how I'm totally into curvy women, that's true to point. I got the idea for this song by watching a bit of the Top Model show on television. The girls all looked sick, were super skinny and they called themselves fat. I wanted to take them out for a big burger, fries and a shake. This reality show is not how women are in the real world or should be. Is this really what we are teaching all the young girls how they should look to be accepted? No!! This song is more about embracing your body no matter what shape it is. Its ok to have curves and it's also ok to not have many curves at all. What's important is that you are happy with yourself just the way you are. You are the only one that can make you happy. You shouldn't have to starve yourself to be accepted for anyone or anything. Be proud and show off those curves, Curvy Women unite! Curves….<3

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